Pablo Velasco

VFX Artist and 3D Artist – Barcelona


Throughout my childhood and up to high school, I studied traditional cartoon animation. I am confident this influenced my career choice ten years ago.


By that time, and driven by my passion and curiosity, I started a self-learning process to become a 3D generalist. I worked two years at Palnoise, where I mastered my skills on modelling, animation, lighting, shading and rendering. And triggered by my growing interest on my job, I decided specialise in FX graduating with an MA in VFX at FX Animation School last year.


One of my greatest motivations has always been to create from scratch something as ethereal as an idea. Thanks to that motivation my involvement in all the projects in which I work is maximized. Just as a sculptor shapes his works through his hands, technology allows me to create all sorts of objects, atmospheres … digitally.


Empathy and good communication are two fundamental pillars to achieve the best results, hence I try at all times to create a vehicle of trust with the client. My passion and self-taught spirit, make me reinvent in a world as changing as the area where I work.


This is Pablo Velasco

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